Zenith Care Recruitment is a UK leading healthcare provider, you can be confident that everyone is personally interviewed, disclosure, qualification and reference checked as standard. All services are tailored to your needs and requirements and are available on a flexible basis from 1 to 24 hours, 365 days a year

Zenith Care Recruitment has over 15 years experience and knowledge in the care industry, we provide quality temporary and permanent recruitment service to Care homes, individuals, Hospitals, local authorities and others that are in need of our services.

Our management team comprises of professionals and graduates from UK Universities, who has undergo various training and qualification in Health and Social Care courses. Our management has gained experience by working with and in various areas of the care industry.

No contract is too little or big; we put in equal effort and professionalism into every contract we are engaged in. We have the capacity to provide as many qualified and experienced staff as needed at any given time

Our goal and vision is to keep our customers happy and satisfied; giving them the confidence that they can count on us always.